Strategic Plan


Adopted Strategic Plan: 2017 -2019 


Maryland Municipal League’s mission is to strengthen and support municipal government through advocacy and development of effective leadership.


Maryland Municipal League will engage and empower all Maryland municipal officials by ensuring that they have access to the education and information they need to provide the highest level of service to the residents of Maryland’s cities and towns.

Strategic Goals and Outcomes

Ensure sustained engagement in and with MML to carry out the mission and support the strategic goals 

Outcomes from successful implementation of this goal:

  • More municipal officials attending events, volunteering for committees, and participating in chapters and departments
  • New people/new voices brought to MML via chapters and departments
  • Sustained involvement of newly elected and appointed officials following initial contact
  • Broader use of technology and social media to support year-round networking and engagement
  • Options explored for League’s capacity to track member engagement (i.e. systems and resources)

Strengthen Maryland municipalities through proactive and aggressive advocacy

Outcomes from successful implementation of this goal:

  • Increased awareness among legislators and other government officials of the importance of municipalities
  • Better understanding of municipal priorities and challenges among legislators
  • Broader, sustained involvement of municipal officials in MML advocacy
  • Greater utilization of resources for municipal officials to advocate for MML priorities
  • Stronger understanding by members of the MML legislative process

Increase the capacity of municipal officials to provide the highest level of service to the people they serve through education, information, and resources 

Outcomes from successful implementation of this goal:

  • Stronger understanding by members of the value of MML and its resources
  • Expanded sharing of best practices
  • A process for identifying and addressing emerging issues affecting municipalities
  • A more prominent role in developing collaborative solutions to municipal challenges
  • Municipal leaders are better equipped to communicate the importance of municipal government and civic responsibility

Enhance MML’s stature as the go-to resource for and about Maryland municipalities

Outcomes from successful implementation of this goal:

  • An MML brand that is widely shared and embraced by all MML members
  • An MML slogan that is well known, consistently used, and incorporated into the fabric of MML
  • Legislators and other state decision makers seek MML’s perspective
  • Increased support from new and existing sponsors
  • Stronger connections with key players in the state - nonprofits, businesses, corporate sponsors and academic institutions - to advance the MML mission

Sustain and build MML’s organizational capacity to adapt to a changing environment and changing member needs

Outcomes from successful implementation of this goal:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Smart investments in technology
  • Research on optimal pricing of League services
  • Implementation of one new revenue source to build long-term capacity
  • Continued strong financial standing