Clerk of the Year Selection

Administers the selection of the winner of the prestigious annual Clerk of the Year Award.

Contact: John Hoatson, Chair, Yvette Allen, Dashaun N. Lanham, Danielle Mandley, Kimberly Nichols, Lou Ann Crook


Arranges for educational sessions during MMCA Quarterly meetings and IIMC Region II Annual Conferences.

Contact: Diana Chavis, Chair, Bonita Anderson, Doris Stokes, Stacy Milor, Pam Peters


Provides for the promotion of MMCA at various venues.

Contact: Douglass A. Barber, Kim Nichols, Doris Stokes, Awilda Hernandez, Sara Green, Raye Ellen Thomas, Carolyn Brinkley, Ana Navarro


Responsible for outreach and engagement of new clerks/members; produces the MMCA quarterly newsletter, The Messenger; maintains the MMCA website; acts as MMCA Historian.

Contact: Douglass A. Barber, Chair,  M. David Williams, Lou Ann Crook, Ana R. Navarro, Pam Peters, Diane Chavis, Awilda Hernandez, Kelsey Jensen, John Hoatson, Shaniya Lashley-Mullen


Administers the MMCA Scholarship Award Program.

Contact: Stacy Milor, Chair, Laura Reams, Awilda Hernandez, Dashaun Lanham, Yvette Allen

Officer Nomination Committee

Contact: Diane Carter, Kelsey JensenRaye Ellen Thomas