Winter Conference Resources 2012-2015

Please be mindful that some documents may be large and take a few minutes to open/download.

22nd Annual Winter Conference - 2016

Workshop: Strategic Planning Tips
Powerpoint - Presented by the Novak Group

Workshop: Creative Ways To Communicate with Residents
Powerpoint - Presented by Jason Grant

21st Annual MMA Winter Conference: Safety + Security in Maryland

Workshop: Community Policing

Workshop: Emergency Preparedness

20th Annual Winter Conference - Strength Through Unity

2014 Workshop Resources

Back to the Future II

Presented by Anirban Basu, CEO, Sage Policy Group

Full "Back to the Future" Power Point

19th Annual Winter Conference - "Better Cities, Better Towns"

2013 Workshop Resources

Better towns through better planning and design
Presented by Edward McMahon, Senior Resident Fellow, Urban Land Institute

The Distinctive City - Ed McMahon Article

Place Making Dividend - Ed McMahon Article

End of the Strip - Ed McMahon Article

18th Annual Winter Conference - "Taking Care of Business"

2012 Workshop Resources

Identifying Resources for Capital Projects (Handouts):

Crisis Management
Crisis Management: Preparing for Emergencies Presentation