Listing of Municipal Attorneys

It can be useful to find out which attorney represents a particular municipality, as well as the person a municipality has designated as their Town or City Attorney.

First is a full listing of the attorney each municipality has designated. This list is alphabetized by the municipality, which also notes the county (or counties) in which the municipality is located.

View this listing, by municipality, of Designated Municipal Attorneys (PDF).

Second is an alphabetical listing of town and city attorneys, which shows the municipalities each serves or represent. Click here for this listing: Attorney Listing (PDF) showing the municipality or municipalities each serves; in some cases, assistants are also noted.

These listings are maintained by the MMAA Secretary, and we want them to be as current and accurate as possible. MMAA keeps them as up to date as possible, but we know changes happen all the time. Please let us know of any corrections or changes so that we can keep our lists up to date. Just let the website manager know of any needed changes or corrections.