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Parade of Flags Sign Up form

  1. Sign up for the flag parade here. The dress code for flag bearers is khaki or white slacks/skirts, white or blue shirts and navy blue jackets, or police uniforms. A mandatory rehearsal for flag bearers will be held on Monday, June 11 at 8:30 a.m. in the Convention Center Performing Arts Center. Municipal flags will be displayed along the glass wall in the front lobby after the general session. You are responsible for bringing a flag stand and for picking up your flag and stand at the conclusion of the conference.

  2. Due to time limits, workshops, including Core workshops, will be held at the same time at the Flag Parade and Rehearsal. Please be sure this does not cause a conflict for your flag bearer.

  3. All information pertaining to the Flag Parade will be sent to the e-mail provided here.

  4. Not required.

  5. Something your city/town is known for, a nickname, or something most folks might not know about your municipality. For example, "All American City 2012", "City of Roses", "Celebrating our 350th year", "Crossroads of the County", "Jewel on the Susquehanna", "Home of the Triple Decker Doughnut", "The Silver City"

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