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First Time Attendee Follow-Up

  1. Introduction

    Thank you for attending your first MML summer conference. It's one of our most comprehensive training sessions. Now, we'd like to know if there are other trainings that may be of interest.

  2. Young Municipal Leader*

    Are you a Young Municipal Leader? MML defines young as any official age 40 and under.  We have an active YML Advisory that plans periodic sessions targeted directly to elected officials and municipal staff ages 40 and under.

  3. If you are a Young Municipal Leader, please provide an email that you'd like used for notification of YML sessions and events.

  4. Orientation for Municipal Officials (OMO)*

    Since being elected (or working for a municipality) have you attended one of MML's OMO's (Orientation for Municipal Officials)?

    These lunch time orientations are designed to provide fundamentals of governing and a deep dive into a specific topic, presented by a guest speaker.

    They can be found on MML's Youtube Page for later viewing.

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