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Banner City/Town Program Online Submission Form 2022-23

  1. The Banner City/Town designation is awarded to the municipality, not an individual. Any number of your City’s/Town’s elected and appointed officials may work together to accomplish the five MML participation requirements. Cities and towns earning the Banner City/Town designation will be recognized at the annual summer conference.


    You must complete all five parts on this form and return it to MML by May 26 along with the requested documentation described in each part. No exceptions to the deadline. .

  2. Please list the name, email and phone number of your municipality's Banner City/Town contact.
  3. Part One

    The municipality must send at least one representative to the annual summer conference and the fall conference. A one-day registration will meet this criterion as long as the representative participates in conference activities, e.g., workshops, general session or other meetings. MML staff will verify against registration roster. No information or signature required by City/Town. 

  4. Summer and Fall Conference Meeting Dates

    Summer Conference: June 12-15, 2022
    Fall Conference: October 9-11, 2022

  5. Part Two

    Your municipality was represented at 50% of the year’s Chapter Meetings
    Any chapter-related event held between June 2022 and May 2023

  6. Please list the name of a current chapter officer and their email for attendance verification.

  7. Part Three

    Our City/Town conducted and promoted a Municipal Government Works (MGW) Month activity, OR made a city/town MGW Month proclamation OR displayed the MGW flag  or promoted our municipality on social media during the month of November. Check at least one of the boxes below and provide the required information.

  8. Use the browse button to find the supporting documentation location and upload your supporting photos/documentation.

  9. Part Four

    I visited at least one school to educate students (of ANY grade) about municipal government and/or encouraged 4th grade teachers & students to participate in the “If I Were Mayor, I Would…” Essay Contest.

  10. Part Five

    At least one elected official or municipal employee must have participated in at least ONE of the following MML activities or programs during this Banner City/Town year. Check at least one and provide requested data.

  11. Check at least one of the options and provide requested data.*
  12. Participated in Student Shadowing Experience Program
  13. For Verbal: List Bill Number & Hearing Date; For written: Send copy of written testimony to

  14. Before you hit submit button, please make sure you have completed all five sections of the form. Incomplete forms will need to be resubmitted. Contact Paula Chase Hyman or Sharon Easton at 410/268-5514 if you questions before submitting the form.
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