Maryland Municipal League's (MML) overall legislative objective is to present the municipal point of view to the state legislature, to secure the most favorable circumstances for the operation of municipal governments, and to protect the freedom of cities and towns, both large and small, to choose how to best serve the needs of their diverse communities.


One of MML’s most notable legislative achievements was the push for passage of the municipal home rule amendment, enacted by the General Assembly and ratified by Maryland voters through referendum in 1954. Prior to home rule, cities and towns were entirely dependent on the state legislature for their ability to act. Home rule places primary responsibility for municipal affairs in the hands of local elected officials.


In addition to proposing statewide municipal legislation, MML legislative and intergovernmental services include:

  • Preparation, publication, and distribution of bulletins to members summarizing relevant bills
  • Presentation of the municipal viewpoint to the legislature
  • Providing guidance to the MML Legislative Committee (LC) to help set annual legislative priorities
  • Serving as liaison between municipal governments and county, state, and federal governments to promote cooperation and coordination
  • Studying all bills affecting municipalities

Do You Have a Relationship with a Legislator in Annapolis?

MML is continuously updating our legislator contacts database. We routinely ask our members to share any personal, business, or political connections you may have with new (and returning) legislators in Annapolis.

Often during session, we ask that municipal officials come to Annapolis to testify at bill hearings or meet with Senators and Delegates on issues affecting local municipal government. Knowing the connections our members have with their counterparts at the state level will go a long way in helping the League maintain an active and effective presence in the General Assembly and with the new administration.

If you have a connection to share, please fill out the form (PDF) or simply email the relevant information to Bill Jorch. Thank you!