• Five to nine council members, including the mayor, elected at large; non-partisan election; sometimes council members select mayor from among themselves
    • Council hires professional manager to be chief executive officer
    • Mayor serves as president or chairman in presiding over the council and serves as ceremonial leader

Appointment Powers

  • City manager appoints department heads who serve at the pleasure of the city manager
  • Council appoints a city manager who serves at its pleasure
  • Council may appoint a city clerk

Management Authority

  • City manager as chief executive / administrative officer is responsible for the supervision of all departments and functional operations
  • City manager has administrative accountability
  • Council has oversight function and general responsibility for municipal affairs through budgeting and setting policy

Budget Authority & Process

  1. Modified executive budget
  2. Preliminary budget preparation - Departments prepare and submit to the city manager
  3. Final budget preparation - City manager prepares final proposed budget and submits it to council
  4. Budget approval and adoption - Council
  5. Budget implementation - City manager

Ordinance Powers

  • City manager is responsible for the enforcement of ordinances and the administration of policies set by the council
  • Council is the legislative body that establishes broad policy and local laws as ordinances and resolutions