Foreclosed & Blighted Properties

  • We are not notified when a property is going into foreclosure, and the Foreclosed Property Registry is too late in the process to help. What other options do we have? Answer
  • What if I am in a small town that does not have code enforcement staff or a full-time attorney? Answer
  • Once I receive notification of an Order to Docket, what can I do? What resources are available to the homeowner or municipality? Answer
  • We received notice of an Order to Docket, reached out to the homeowner, and have reason to believe they may damage or neglect the property before vacating. Is there anything we can do to prevent this? Answer
  • I think a property has just been sold at foreclosure sale. How do I identify the owners and compel them to remediate the property? Answer
  • We have a property in "limbo" - the owner of record has abandoned the property and the bank is not actively pursuing a foreclosure sale. How can we compel someone to remediate the property? Answer
  • We've tried this... the court threw our case out. Answer
  • How can we best build a case against a property owner or bank? What are the code enforcement tools at our disposal? Answer
  • I've heard a lot about receivership as a tool for taking control of a vacant property. How does receivership work? And do Maryland municipalities have the authority to use this tool? Answer
  • The assessed value on a blighted property in our town is too high and it is believed the current condition is not being properly reflected in the assessed value. This is turning away potential buyers who don't want to pay the taxes. Is there anything we can do about this? Answer
  • Can MML recommend other resources with tools and strategies for municipalities dealing with foreclosed and blighted properties? Answer

We hope these tips and resources are helpful. If you have additional questions regarding blighted, vacant and foreclosed housing that are not answered here, please contact the MML Research Department. We will do our best to answer your questions and post responses to this page so others have access to the same information.