2021 Legislative Priorities

The following issue was adopted by MML membership as a 2021 legislative priority:

Highway User Revenues

After years of underfunding, the MML Legislative Priority for 2021 is the full and permanent restoration of municipal highway user revenues (HUR). Specifically:

1) Eliminate the sunset on the current level of municipal Highway User Revenues that is due to occur after FY 2024.

2) Return to full pre-recession funding of municipal Highway User Revenues beginning with the FY 2025 State budget.

Strategic Initiatives: 

In addition to HURs, MML membership adopted two strategic initiatives for 2021:

1) Retaining local authority over technology infrastructure installation: Due to an uptick in State and Federal proposals to weaken local policy authority over technological infrastructure placement in public spaces, it is imperative that MML members prioritize retaining local authority; specifically as it applies to revenue, expenditures, right-of-way usage, and land use policy.

2) Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change: With climate change impacting every corner of the State – through flooding, shore erosion, summer heatwaves, and more severe storms – the League will devote further legislative resources toward mitigating the negative impacts on residents’ lives and municipal budgets.