Virtual Meetings

Still getting the hang of all these virtual meetings?  Here are few tips and resources to help you navigate the Zoom world.   

We’ll start with some basics, but if you want some more advanced resources, go to the end of the article for a list of sites that will help you hone your video conferencing skills.    

First things first.  

Do I need a Zoom Account to participate in a Zoom meeting?  

You do not need a Zoom account to join a meeting, as you can join directly online.  However, you will have much better experience if you download the Zoom App (to whatever device you use for video conferencing) and set up an account. Getting set up only requires and email and password.  

Do I need to pay to have an account?    

The basic user account is free.  This allows you to schedule and host a meeting as well as participate in meetings.   The major limitation of a free account is that if you schedule and host a meeting, you will have a 40-minute time limit per meeting.  

For paid Zoom accounts, there are three tiers.  Pro, Business, and Enterprise.  A Pro account costs $150 per year, per user, and allows for unlimited meetings with a maximum of 100 participants. At the Business tier, the cost goes to $200 per year, per user, it bumps up to 300 participant capacity, and has slightly more administrative features, but requires a minimum of 10 users.  The Enterprise package is typically used by very large businesses and requires an annual contract with Zoom with a minimum of 100 users. 

Want to know how to share your screen?  Use the white board? Chat with participants? Find out the differences between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar?  Head to our website for more info or give Caleb Wolf, our Information Resources Manager a call.  He can get you more specific answers and help walk you through your options.     

Some Other Resources: