Why haven't I received a request to submit a file, yet?

As we receive an increase in submissions, we may need a full day to send out File Request emails.  Rest assured, you will receive the file request. Thank you for your patience. We’re excited about our digital process. However, it's still a new process. We have taken great pains to replicate our traditional process in a digital manner so that every essay is counted and is given an opportunity to be judged. If it has been more than a day since you submitted your entry form without getting a file request email in return, please contact the MML Team member managing entries from your county:

Paula Chase Hyman - paulah@mdmunicipal.org : Anne Arundel, Baltimore City and County, All counties of the Eastern Shore, Frederick, Montgomery, All counties of Southern Maryland

Sharon Easton - sharone@mdmunicipal.org : Allegany, Carroll, Cecil, Garrett, Harford, Prince George’s, Washington, 

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3. Why haven't I received a request to submit a file, yet?
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